Global digital payment solution service provider

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Provide professional, efficient and secure digital payment solutions for global enterprises

Founded in November 2022, AIOpayment is jointly established by senior technical, risk control and operation experts in the global payment field, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong, set up an operation center in Shenzhen, and has technical and business entities in the United States, Europe, Australia and Singapore, committed to providing global digital payment technology solutions and services..

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International credit cards

Provide a variety of settlement and transaction currencies to improve payment conversion rate and promote business growth

Global collection accounts

One-stop unlocking of global accounts, multi-currency account online account opening

International payments and exchanges

Efficient international payment, powerful foreign exchange engine

Industry solution

Through in-depth cooperation with third-party payment and banks in many countries, we provide you with one-stop global online collection solution

Coordinated merchant 1000+
supporting payment methods 10+
Coverage countries and regions 190+
Supporting currencies 50+